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Perennial Plants Perennial Plants
Trees, Shrubs & Vines Trees, Shrubs & Vines
Nut Trees Nut Trees
Roses Roses
Shrubs Shrubs
Small Fruit Small Fruit
Tree Fruit Tree Fruit
Vines Vines
Rhubarb, Victoria Rhubarb, Victoria
Rhubarb, Canada Red Rhubarb, Canada Red
Lily OF The valley, White Lily OF The valley, White
Bleeding Heart, Giant Pink Bleeding Heart, Giant Pink
Native Ferns Native Ferns
Giant Flowered Peonies Giant Flowered Peonies
Trumpet Vine, Scarlet Trumpet Vine, Scarlet
Honeysuckle, Peaches And Cream Honeysuckle, Peaches And Cream
Bush Cherry, Nanking Bush Cherry, Nanking
Hickory, Shagbark Hickory, Shagbark
Pecan, Stuart Hardy Pecan, Stuart Hardy
Pecan, Hardy Pecan, Hardy
Pecan, Hardy Tree Offer Pecan, Hardy Tree Offer
Chestnut, Chinese Chestnut, Chinese
Chestnut, Colossal Chestnut, Colossal
Chestnut, Offer Chestnut, Offer
Walnut, Carpathian English Walnut, Carpathian English
Almond, Ukranian, Bounty Almond, Ukranian, Bounty
Almond, Ukranian, Oracle™ Almond, Ukranian, Oracle™
Rose, Tea, Double Delight Hybrid Rose, Tea, Double Delight Hybrid
Rose, Tea, Mister Lincoln Hybrid Rose, Tea, Mister Lincoln Hybrid
Rose, Tea, Neil Diamond Hybrid Rose, Tea, Neil Diamond Hybrid
Rose, Grandiflora, Twilight Zone Rose, Grandiflora, Twilight Zone
Rose, Shrub, Coral Knock Out Rose, Shrub, Coral Knock Out
Rose, Double Knock Out® Rose, Double Knock Out®
All Season Strawberry Collection All Season Strawberry Collection
Everbearer Strawberry Collection Everbearer Strawberry Collection
Strawberry Special Strawberry Special
Strawberry, Everbearing, Fort Laramie Strawberry, Everbearing, Fort Laramie
Strawberry, Everbearing, Ozark Beauty Strawberry, Everbearing, Ozark Beauty
Strawberry, Seascape Day-Neutral Strawberry, Seascape Day-Neutral
Strawberry, June Bearing, Cavendish Strawberry, June Bearing, Cavendish
Strawberry, June Bearing, Earliglow Strawberry, June Bearing, Earliglow
Strawberry, June Bearing, Honeoye Strawberry, June Bearing, Honeoye
Strawberry, June Bearing, Jewel Strawberry, June Bearing, Jewel
Strawberry, Everbearing, Mara Des Bois Strawberry, Everbearing, Mara Des Bois
Strawberry, June Bearing, Sparkle Strawberry, June Bearing, Sparkle
Blueberry Pollinator Special Blueberry Pollinator Special
Blueberry, Blueray Blueberry, Blueray
Burgundy Blueberry Burgundy Blueberry
Misty Blueberry Misty Blueberry
Sunshine Blue Blueberry Sunshine Blue Blueberry
Blueberry, Patriot Blueberry, Patriot
Blueberry, Dwarf Top Hat Blueberry, Dwarf Top Hat
Currant, Consort Black Currant, Consort Black
Currant, Rovada Red Currant, Rovada Red
Gooseberry, Hinnomaki™ Red Gooseberry, Hinnomaki™ Red
Gooseberry, Tixia™ Gooseberry, Tixia™
Grape, Concord Grape, Concord
Grape, Frontenac Gris™ Grape, Frontenac Gris™
Grape, King Of The North Grape, King Of The North
Jostaberry Jostaberry
Cranberry, Pilgrim Cranberry, Pilgrim
Raspberry, Bristol Black Raspberry, Bristol Black
Raspberry, Jewel Black Raspberry, Jewel Black
Royalty Purple Red Raspberry Royalty Purple Red Raspberry
Raspberry, Fall Bearing, Caroline Raspberry, Fall Bearing, Caroline
Fall Red Everbearing Raspberry Fall Red Everbearing Raspberry
Raspberry, Fall Bearing, Heritage Raspberry, Fall Bearing, Heritage
Raspberry, Summer Bearing, Latham Raspberry, Summer Bearing, Latham
Red Raspberry Patch Special Red Raspberry Patch Special
Blackberry, Prime Ark® Freedom Blackberry, Prime Ark® Freedom
Blackberry, Chester Thornless Blackberry, Chester Thornless
Cheyenne Tame Blackberry Cheyenne Tame Blackberry
Blackberry, Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry, Triple Crown Thornless
Blackberry Blast Blackberry Blast
Honeyberry, Blue Velvet™ Honeyberry, Blue Velvet™
Honeyberry, Blue Moon™ Honeyberry, Blue Moon™
Hops, Cascade Hops, Cascade
Hops, Nugget Hops, Nugget
Fig, Negronne Fig, Negronne
Apple, Columnar, Scarlet Sentinel™ Apple, Columnar, Scarlet Sentinel™
The Big Apple Tree Sale - 1 Each Of 2 Varieties The Big Apple Tree Sale - 1 Each Of 2 Varieties
Apple, Semi Dwarf, Duchess of Oldenberg Apple, Semi Dwarf, Duchess of Oldenberg
Apple, Semi Dwarf, Honeycrisp™ Apple, Semi Dwarf, Honeycrisp™
Apple, Semi Dwarf, RubyMac®  Mcintosh Apple, Semi Dwarf, RubyMac® Mcintosh
Apple, Semi Dwarf, Wolf River Apple, Semi Dwarf, Wolf River
Cherry, Standard, BlackGold™ Sweet Cherry, Standard, BlackGold™ Sweet
Pawpaw, Seedlings Pawpaw, Seedlings
Pear, Dwarf, Bartlett Pear, Dwarf, Bartlett
Pear, Standard, Flemish Beauty Pear, Standard, Flemish Beauty
Plum, Dwarf, Mount Royal Hardy Plum, Dwarf, Mount Royal Hardy
Lemon, Improved Meyer Lemon, Improved Meyer