Vegetable Seed Tapes

  • $3.55–$4.95
    Our most popular. The heaviest yielder and very tolerant of hot weather. Very popular early variety with brittle,...
  • $3.75–$5.95
    65 Days A popular half-long carrot averaging 6 inches in length by 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Smooth roots are rich...
  • $3.45–$4.95
    The gourmet's choice - oblong shape with sparkling white tip. Looks so appetizing on a relish tray. Flesh is crisp,...
  • $3.65–$4.95
    60 Days The leading main-crop beet for both home and market gardens. Beets are globe-shaped with deep red color...
  • $4.75–$13.95
    45-60 Days So sweet, it's sometimes referred to as the 'sugar carrot'. Harvest at 45 days for bright orange baby...
  • $3.25–$4.95
    Highly popular variety combines extreme earliness with outstanding quality. All-America Winner. Round, red, smooth...
Seed tapes are constructed of bio-degradable tissue with seeds sealed between layers. Entire lengths can be laid out and pinned, or portions cut to specific, shorter lengths for fitting into narrower raised beds or even containers. Popular benefits of seed tapes include proper spacing, efficient planting, and reduced waste. For germination success make sure tapes are covered with soil at proper depth for the variety and applied moisture usually needs to be higher to dissolve the tape efficiently first to ensure seeds are then exposed to enough moisture for germination.