Broccoli Seeds

Broccoli is a cool season crop that performs best when planted in early spring, often plated out just prior to last average frost dates or they make a good fall crop in most locations. Start Broccoli seeds indoors about 6 weeks prior to transplanting outdoors. Start in trays with pre-moistened starting mix with 75°F consistent bottom heat. Once the first sets of true leaves form, transplant seedlings into 2-3-inch Jiffy® Pots to grow on in bright sunlight, fertilizing with 1/2 dilution of 6-6-6 fertilizer, once every 2 weeks until they are large enough to harden off for 7-10 days, then plant out into the garden. Broccoli seedlings can be planted as deep as their seedling leaves, which allows them to root along the stem making them sturdier plants. Space plants 18 inches apart and 24 inches between the rows.