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02108 - Diva Cucumber
Cucumis sativus

2002 AAS Winner. You'll enjoy the sweet, non-bitter, crisp fruits of this high-yielding slicing cucumber. Its glossy bright green skins are spineless and very tender, particularly when harvested at 4 to 6 inches. The all-female flowers don't require pollen to set fruit, so yields are higher and fruits are nearly seedless. The 5 to 6 foot vines bear at nearly every node and non-bitter foliage is unattractive to cucumber beetles. Resists scab and has tolerance to powdery and downy mildews.
Product Pricing
 20 seeds 1 - $2.25
2 - $4.00
 1/4 Ounce $9.75 ea
Product Details
Height: 0"
Width: 0"
Spacing: 12"
Needs Pollinator: No
Planting Season: Spring
Maturity: 58
Needs Isolation: No
Seed Start Indoors: No
Seed Start Direct: Yes
Seeds Per Packet: 20
Planting Depth: 1"


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