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This may be just what's needed to save your garden. You can protect your garden and landscape from deer damage without spending a fortune on wooden or other types of expensive fencing. This easy to use temporary fencing offers great protection for ornamentals and vegetable crops in areas where deer are a problem. The strong black poly mesh netting provides deer deterrence at a price far more affordable than metal or wood fencing. Nearly invisible, it is also ideal for wrapping trees and shrubs to prevent snow and animal damage. 7 ft. high X 100 ft. long.
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Product Reviews
  • By Gardener
    From Albion, MI
    This deer fencing offers a very effective solution to deer (and some other critters) in the garden. I suggest you not skimp on the spacing of your poles so that the fence can stay nice and taut against the stakes. I keep my fence anchored to the ground as well to keep out rabbits and squirrels. The fence's visibility is surprisingly low. Another suggestion...keep the fence in the dirt of the garden. If you try to mow your lawn too close to the fence, it'll wrap up in the mower blades! Take the fence down at the end of the season so the snow doesn't weigh it down. My fence has held up for four years so far. Well worth the cost.
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