Liquid Pyrethrum Spray

Liquid Pyrethrum Spray

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The perfect pesticide for organic growers. Can be applied up to one day before harvest, this formulation of naturally occurring pesticides is non-persistent and controls many garden insect pests that rob you of the results of your hard work. Use on fruits, berries, vegetables, ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees. Mixes with water, as little as one teaspoon per application, so a little goes a long way. May also be used as a flea, tick and lice spray for pets. Among the insect pests that this product controls is bean leaf beetles, cabbage worms, maggots, flea beetles, thrips, and of course, a lot more. Active ingredient is pyrethrins. Order it now so you'll have it on hand for quick action when a problem is first observed. You'll be glad you did.
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