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Greatest Flower Seed Bargain

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A complete selection of easily grown annuals for your garden. Continuous blooms until frost. 12 regular-sized packets, covering A through Z, included. Individually packaged and labeled. Sold complete as a unit. Aster- Crego Giants Mixed, Celosia-Cockscomb, Cleome-Queen Mix, Cosmos- Sensation Mixed, Four O'Clock- Marvel of Peru, Gilia- Midas Throat, Marigold- Crackerjack Mixed, Nasturtium- Jewel Mix, Strawflowers-Tall Mixed, Sunflower- Dwarf Double, Sweet Peas- Fancy Mixed, Zinnia- California Giants Mixed.
Crego Giants Mixed Aster
Crested Celosia Cockscomb
Queen Mixed Cleome
Sensation Mixed Cleome
Marvel of Peru Mix Four o Clock
Crackerjack Mixed Marigold
Jewel Mixed Nasturtium
Tall Mixed Strawflowers
California Giants Mixed Zinnias
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Product Details

: 58
: Spring
: Fertile, well-drained
: 4-6-7
: Summer
: Summer to frost
: 2 -
:  to 

Physical Details

: Yes
: Green
: Assorted
: Yes
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Scientific Details

: Various
: Various
: Various