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An improved version of our popular Algoflash. This patented fertilizer has revolutionized vegetable production! Its most remarkable feature is that it's 100% mineral based - no chlorides, carbonates or sodium - plus it's odorless and environmentally safe. It encourages rapid cell growth using three major elements along with micronutrients. Contains a higher percentage of potassium to promote production of larger tomatoes. Use on cucumbers, melons and peppers as well. Use one capful per gallon of water as a regular feed or 1/2 capful to spray directly on the foliage and watch the amazing results.

You talk about economical. A one liter bottle makes over 100 gallons of finished fertilizer. There are 12 minerals which are indispensable to all plant life. Each plays a distinctive role in the life cycle. Algoplus contains them all. This is the best fertilizer to hit the American market in years. Choose from four formulas. The All-Purpose is especially recommended for vegetables.

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