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54102 - Gourmet Portabella Mushrooms**
Agaricus bisporus

Gourmet Italian mushooms, very large and flat like toadstools when left to grow to full maturity. As tender and flavor-filled as the best beefsteak. A true delicacy for the gourmet mushroom connoisseur. Each kit contains 100% growing organic medium pre-inoculated with mushroom spawn. Just add water, place in a cool, dark spot and enjoy watching them grow like magic from tiny pinheads to fully matured mushrooms. With proper care, your kit will continue to produce mushrooms for 3 to 5 weeks.

**Mushroom kits are sent directly from our supplier, but cannot be shipped during hot months. You may place your order at any time of the year, but mushroom kits are only mailed from October to May 1.**
Product Pricing
 12 pound kit $49.95 ea
Product Details
Height: 0"
Width: 0"
Spacing: 0"
Needs Pollinator: No
Planting Season: Spring & Fall
Maturity: 21-35
Needs Isolation: No
Seed Start Indoors: No
Seed Start Direct: No
Seeds Per Packet:
Planting Depth: 0"


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