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30885 - Meader Persimmon
Diospyros virginiana

Extremely sweet with tomato-like texture when ripe. This tremendous American persimmon was bred and selected by Dr. Elwyn Meader in New Hamphire. The delicious orange fruits are sweet beyond comparison. A fall frost enhances their flavor. Unripe fruits can be frozen or dried. Use them in puddings, cakes, cookies, as dessert toppings, or dry them for later if you enjoy a date-like flavor. But above all else, enjoy them fresh. Fruit ripens in late September. This tree is also ornamental, with leaves that turn crimson in the fall. Trees grow to 30 ft. tall, but can easily be kept smaller by pruning. This is a self-fertile variety, so needs no cross pollination by other persimmons. The fruit is seedless.
Product Pricing
 2 to 3 ft tree 1 - $36.95
2 - $67.90
Product Details
Zone: 5-9
Height: 30' to 40'
Width: 0" to 20'
Spacing: 30'
State Restrictions: AK;AZ;CA;HI;ID
Planting Season: Spring
Years to Fruit: 3yrs.
Fruiting Time: Late September
Size Shipped: 2 to 3 ft standard tree
Foliage Color: Green
Needs Pollinator: No


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