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Apples, Columnar

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30495 - Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple
Malus domestica
Scarlet Sentinel

This unique apple tree discovered in Canada will be the talk of the neighborhood! Growth of the tree is vertical with almost no branching, making it ideal for planting in small yards, in big pots or as a conversation piece in your yard. The apples are produced in clusters on short spurs along the trunk. Scarlet Sentinel produces very large greenish-yellow fruit heavily blushed with red. The pure white flesh is crisp and sweet. Fruit is ripe about late September. The trees are naturally dwarf, only 8 to 12 feet when mature, and have good disease resistance. They often yield fruit the year after planting. Pollinate with any other apple tree.
Product Pricing
 2 to 3 ft 1 - $32.95
2 - $55.90
Product Details
Zone: 4-8
Height: 8' to 12'
Width: 24" to 3'
Spacing: 4'
State Restrictions: AK;AZ;CA;HI;ID
Planting Season: Spring
Years to Fruit: 2yrs.
Fruiting Time: Late September
Size Shipped: 2-3 ft. tree
Foliage Color: Green
Needs Pollinator: Yes


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