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30255 - Extra Hardy Jostaberry
Ribes nigrum

A cross between a currant and a gooseberry, it is hardy to 40 degrees F below zero! Glossy black berries are much larger than currants, sky high in Vitamin C, and begin yielding in early July of its second season. Tolerates or is immune to most insects and diseases. Does well in most soils with little need for fertilizer. Self-pollinating.
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5 - $45.95
Product Details
Zone: 3-8
Height: 4' to 6'
Width: 0"
Spacing: 5' to 6'
State Restrictions: AK;AZ;CA;CO;DE;HI;ID;MA;ME;MT;NJ;NM;OH;WA;WV
Planting Season: Spring
Years to Fruit: 2yrs.
Fruiting Time: July-August
Size Shipped: 1 to 2 foot plant
Foliage Color: Dark green
Needs Pollinator: No


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