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01151 - Asparagus Yard Long Bean
Vigna unguiculata subsp.sesquipedalis

A leading market variety in Europe with pods growing 2 to 3 ft. long. A rampant pole type, requiring a moderately long growing season of about 80 days. Plants grow to 10 ft. and produce an astonishing yield of slender, extremely tasty pods. Slightly stringy. Red seeded. Very rare.
Product Pricing
 1 ounce $3.25 ea
 1/2 Pound $10.95 ea
 Pound 1 - $19.95
2 - $35.95
5 - $79.95
Product Details
Height: 10'
Width: 0"
Spacing: 2"
Needs Pollinator: No
Planting Season: Spring
Maturity: 75-80
Needs Isolation: No
Seed Start Indoors: No
Seed Start Direct: Yes
Seeds Per Packet: 1 ounce
Planting Depth: 1"


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