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Onion Seeds

SEEDS: Sow seeds directly into the garden as soon as the soil can be worked. Sow thinly 1/4 inch deep, or start indoors 2 months before the last hard frost. Plants can be transplanted when they are 1/8 inch in diameter. Directly sown, a packet plants a 25 foot row. If transplanted, a packet will yield enough plants for a 50 foot row.

PLANTS: Hardy, field grown exclusively for Shumway's. Safe arrival guaranteed. We begin shipment February 1 and ship through June 1. Your plants will arrive at the proper planting time. Each bunch contains 50 to 75 plants, depending on the size of the plants. One bunch plants about 20 feet of row.

SETS: Onion sets are easy to plant and are quick to harvest. Our sets yield tender, green onions or early mature ones, about a month earlier than seed. One pint of onion sets plants 25 to 30 feet.

Sorry we cannot ship onion plants or sets to AK, CA, HI, ID or WA.

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Ailsa Craig Giant Exhibition Onion
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Close OptionsAilsa Craig Giant Exhibition Onion

Product Pricing
 Packet 1 - $2.75
2 - $4.95
Unavailable 6/9/2015
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Candy Hybrid Onion
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Close OptionsCandy Hybrid Onion

Product Pricing
 Packet 1 - $2.55
2 - $4.55
 plants  Unavailable 6/9/2015
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Evergreen Bunching Scallions
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Close OptionsEvergreen Bunching Scallions

Product Pricing
 500 seeds $1.95 ea
 1 ounce $5.50 ea
 1/4 pound $12.95 ea
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Giant Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion
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Close OptionsGiant Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion

Product Pricing
 750 seeds $2.15 ea
 1 ounce $7.95 ea
 1/4 pound $21.95 ea
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Red Zeppelin Onion
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Close OptionsRed Zeppelin Onion

Product Pricing
 packet $2.75 ea
 1/4 ounce $11.95 ea
 1/2 ounce $19.95 ea
Unavailable 6/9/2015

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