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Onion Seed

Sow seeds directly into the garden as soon as the soil can be worked.  Sow thinly 1/4 inch deep, or start indoors 2 months before the last hard frost.  Plants can be transplanted when they are 1/8 inch in diameter.  Directly sown, a packet plants a 25 foot row.  If transplanted, a packet will yield enough plants for a 50 foot row.
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Ailsa Craig Giant Exhibition Onion
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Close OptionsAilsa Craig Giant Exhibition Onion

Product Pricing
 Packet 1 - $2.75
2 - $4.95
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Candy Hybrid Onion
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Close OptionsCandy Hybrid Onion

Product Pricing
 Packet 1 - $2.45
2 - $4.35
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Evergreen Bunching Scallions
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Close OptionsEvergreen Bunching Scallions

Product Pricing
 500 seeds $1.95 ea
 1 ounce $5.50 ea
 1/4 pound $12.95 ea
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Giant Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion
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Close OptionsGiant Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion

Product Pricing
 750 seeds $2.15 ea
 1 ounce $7.95 ea
 1/4 pound $21.95 ea
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Red Zeppelin Onion
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Close OptionsRed Zeppelin Onion

Product Pricing
 packet $2.75 ea
 1/4 ounce $11.95 ea
 1/2 ounce $19.95 ea

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